The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper v1.1 by Carl Powell III

The Timekeeper is a program designed to help you log your time on your Macintosh computer and keep track of the various projects on which you are working. It allows you to make entries to a log file that includes the Date, the Time, a category (or project name, etc.), whether the entry denotes a Start, Stop, or Note entry, and a description of the entry or the work that you performed. The sample window below shows how The Timekeeper looks on your screen:

The data file (Timekeeper Data) is a tab delimited file that can be imported directly into most spreadsheets where you can design a formula to calculate the amount of time spent in each session, or manually calculate the hours to your own precision. The Timekeeper Data file must either be in the same folder with The Timekeeper, on the top level of your hard drive, or in the system folder in order for The Timekeeper to find it. If it does not find the file, it will create a new file when you make an entry.

The Categories, which show up as menu items and can be entered with command-1 through command-9, are stored in a file called TK Defaults. Future versions may allow this file to also store the pathname to your datafile as well as its name. This will allow you to have more than one Timekeeper Data type file with various names.

The Reset Time button is provided to allow you to update the time (and date if you waited a LONG time) before you record your entry. You can even leave The Timekeeper up and running while you work on your project, then select it's window, update the time, and make your "stop" entry. There are screens for "Help" and "About The Timekeeper..." that you can access at any time for a quick reminder of how the program works.

[OK, I like it! Let me DOWNLOAD The TimeKeeper! (72K)]

The Timekeeper is Shareware. If you keep it and use it, you should fill out the registration form and send the $5.00 registration fee to:

Carl Powell III
Timekeeper Registration
P.O. Box 4722
Huntsville, AL 35815-4722

(Please make checks payable to: Carl Powell III)

OR... you can register your copy of The Timekeeper on Compuserve by entering GO SWREG at any ! prompt. Look up The Timekeeper using the instructions given there. Your Compuserve bill will have the $5.00 fee added to it. It's EASY!

Thank you in advance for being honest and supporting shareware products.

Questions, remarks, suggestions and "atta-boys" may be sent to the above address or to me on CompuServe at 76702,457 or on the Internet.

If support is shown for this program, and a need exists, I will continue to develop it (in case you missed it, that says: Send in your fees! ). Future versions could have the ability to display and/or edit the data file, multiple data files, on-the-fly selection of which file to write to, and other possibilities. (Please make suggestions!) I look forward to hearing from you!