Password Key

Version 4.1 Released Feb 2003

by Carl Powell III

Update October 2007: Since I have not been able to continue to develop Password Key, I've decided to make the current versions FREE to all. The OS 9 Version is as rock solid as ever, so it will be a big help to anyone using OS 9. The OS X version is probably no longer needed with the new features in OS 10.4 and later. If you use it and it helps you, let me know. If you feel generous, you can send me $1.00 through PayPal by clicking the button below.

Password Key is a security program for the Macintosh. It was designed to provide a limited amount of security to your Macintosh system with emphasis on "security without modification" in its processes. It is completely safe to use and will help you to know if someone is trying to use your Mac in your absence.

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just use
Free Version
for the username and
as the key code.


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