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Network Your Mac
(and live to tell about it):
The REAL Beginner's Guide

by Carl Powell III

"I am going to recommend this book to all my customers, as an excellent entry point for all the physical-layer LocalTalk issues that need to be addressed before going to the next level and installing a Router."

David Webster, President, Webster Computer Corporation
Manufacturer of the MultiPort/LT LocalTalk/AppleTalk Router.

"I wish I had a copy of this book five years ago!"

David Ramsey, columnist, MacWeek Magazine

"This is the book our Educational Networking customers need! We have now included it in our Network-in-a-box Kit for Educators."

Peter Demers, Director of Support Services K-12/SE, Apple Computer, Inc.

"NETWORK YOUR MAC is a valuable resource for new networkers... I recommend IT!
I applaud Carl's efforts with this book. He is the right man for the job. This book is written for everyone."

Paul Kent, President - Mactivity, Inc - Los Gatos, CA

"Finally, a book that explains in clear and simple English, how Macintosh networks work. This is a must have!"

Al Cini, columnist, DEC Professional Magazine

"If you want to establish a Mac network, you need Network Your Mac. Powell has clarified this misunderstood topic presenting it in a step-by-step format. Before you make that first connection, READ THIS BOOK!"

Tim Kraft, Mac network administrator, Cardinal Business Media, Inc.

Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList Subscribers Report back on their book Purchases:

"I bought your book recently. Using it I put in an Ethertalk network in my wife's office (12 Macs, 4 printers) using old and new Macs, Farrallon cards & adapters, and a Farrallon hub. Put it in Labor Day weekend, they use it all day every day - no crashes yet, heh,heh. Excellent book!"

"It's guys like you that make owning a Mac *definitely* worth it. I've taken the liberty in forwarding your listserv post to my other Mac owning friends. Keep up the good work and I'll do what I can to support ya... You've kept your word in responding to e-mail. What a response time! I just wanted to show my appreciation."

(From Germany) "Yesterday I received your book. Thank you for the fast delivery. Since I have a category 5 ethernet with 5 MAC`s it will help me to maintain and expand the net. Please let me know when you plan a further edition."

"The book was great, it lives up to it's title!"

"Just finished reading your book and I have to start putting in an ethernet Mac network tomorrow. Just wanted to thank you for making the information available for novices like me."

"I brought your book to work the other day. I was reading during my lunch break. Our IS network administrator praised that your book is well organized and informative. He was also impressed with how easy it is to network Macs... "

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