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Network Your Mac
(and Live to tell about it):
The REAL Beginner's Guide.

NETWORK YOUR MAC was written for novices and network managers alike. It is for those who want to design, install, maintain and expand their Macintosh network, but do not want to know what is happening at the "bit level" on the wiring itself. NETWORK YOUR MAC will take the reader from opening the box to testing networks with a minimum amount of effort and with no previous skills. A simple, beginner's level of understanding of the required software and hardware necessary will allow readers to become true network administrators.

Many books have been written about networking and a few about Macintosh Networking, but never before has there been a book so easy to read and understand that teaches so much about networking. Time after time, readers have written us telling us how much they enjoyed the book and how much it helped them in their networking needs. The second printing is almost gone and a third is in the planning stage for late 1999. Don't miss your opportunity to get a copy of this unique networking book.


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